CWCAS Specifications


Additional Specifications of CWCAS:

  • A well is drilled in a rock mass and a high-grade steel casing is cemented into the wellbore. The casing is completely sealed at the top and bottom. A high-pressure wellhead caps the well and allows for injection and flow-back of compressed air.
  • Renewable energy is converted into compressed air and injection into the well(s). The compressed air can then be expanded to drive a turbine and generate electrical energy. 
  • With several CWCAS wells in arrays, a cyclic CAES operation can be employed: compressed air is injected into some wells, while power from compressed air is produced from others. An array of wells allows for better heat usage, reliable & consistent power output, and cost savings. 
  • A single well or array of CWCAS wells can be tied into a single surface facility integrating air compression and energy generation components. The entire facility (wells and surface) is customizable and scalable to the energy requirements for a given site or project.

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