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CleanTech Geomechanics Inc. (CTG) is a Canadian company dedicated to the development of technologies for sustainable resource & energy development. CTG’s primary area of expertise is geomechanics and using this field to address issues related to sustainable resource & energy development. CTG maintains a collaborative technology development relationship with Terralog Technologies Inc. (TTI) and the University of Waterloo (Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences). CTG developed the concept of Cased-Wellbore Compressed Air Storage (CWCAS). CWCAS is an advanced type of Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) solution that maintains the advantages of existing CAES processes and mitigates the disadvantages.

Cased-Wellbore Compressed Air Storage (CWCAS)

  1. A well is drilled and a high grade steel casing is cemented into the wellbore, in a rock mass to a depth of 500 to 1,500 m. The casing is completely sealed at the top and bottom. A high pressure wellhead caps the well, and allows for injection and flow-back of compressed air.
  2. A large well diameter is used, at least 30 cm diameter casing. This provides a storage volume of 7 m3/100 m. Because of excellent in situ confinement, wellbores can withstand pressures as high as 50 MPa .
  3. The energy potential for a single well configuration, with a conservative pressure of 25 to 50 MPa, can be on the order of 3 to 7 MWh of energy. Typically, 1 MWh is equivalent to the amount of electricity used by ~ 350 homes in Canada, during one hour. 
  4. With several CWCAS wells in array, a cyclic CAES operation can be employed: compressed air is injected into some wells, while power from compressed air is produced from others. An array of wells allows for better heat usage, reliable & consistent power output, and cost savings. 
  5. A single well or array of CWCAS wells can be tied into a single surface facility integrating air compression and energy generation components. The entire facility (wells and surface) is customizable and scalable to the energy requirements for a given site or project.

CWCAS Advantages

  • Storage of off-peak, excess, or irregular power from renewable energy sources.
  •  Versatile energy storage that is easily scalable.
  •  CWCAS can rapidly increase the amount of renewable energy in electricity supply systems.
  • Designed to be inherently ‘dispatchable’.
  • CWCAS is not site specific & can be utilized anywhere, including near existing transmission infrastructure.
  •  Integrates easily with large grid systems, and compatible with off-grid systems and micro-grids.
  • Reduced environmental footprint (compared to batteries, pumped hydro, etc.)
  •  Mobilization, installation, and commissioning of CWCAS facility is relatively short and cost-effective

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