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CleanTech Geomechanics Inc (CTG) is a Canadian company dedicated to developing innovative technologies for sustainable resource & energy development.

CTG developed the concept of Cased-Wellbore Compressed Air Storage (CWCAS) for renewable energy storage. CWCAS is an advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) solution that maintains the advantages of existing CAES processes and enhances the versatility of this energy storage approach.

Cased-Wellbore Compressed Air Storage (CWCAS)

  1. A well is drilled and a high grade steel casing is cemented into the wellbore, in a rock mass to a depth of 500 to 1,500 m. The casing is completely sealed at the top and bottom. A high pressure wellhead caps the well, and allows for injection and flow-back of compressed air.
  2. A large well diameter is used, at least 30 cm diameter casing. This provides a storage volume of 7 m3/100 m. Because of excellent in situ confinement, wellbores can withstand pressures as high as 50 MPa .
  3. Wind-solar energy is converted into compressed air and injection into the well(s). The compressed air can then be expanded to drive a turbine and generate electrical energy. 
  4. The energy potential for a single well configuration, with a conservative pressure of 25 to 50 MPa, can be on the order of 10 MWh of energy. Typically, 1 MWh is equivalent to the amount of electricity used by ~ 300 homes in Canada, during one hour. 
  5. With several CWCAS wells in array, a cyclic CAES operation can be employed: compressed air is injected into some wells, while power from compressed air is produced from others. An array of wells allows for better heat usage, reliable & consistent power output, and cost savings. 
  6. A single well or array of CWCAS wells can be tied into a single surface facility integrating air compression and energy generation components. The entire facility (wells and surface) is customizable and scalable to the energy requirements for a given site or project.

CWCAS Advantages


  • Storage of off-peak, excess, or irregular power from renewable energy sources.
  •  Versatile energy storage that is easily scalable.
  •  CWCAS can rapidly increase the amount of renewable energy in electricity supply systems.
  • Designed to be inherently ‘dispatchable’.
  • CWCAS is not site specific & can be utilized anywhere, including near existing transmission infrastructure.
  •  Integrates easily with large grid systems, and compatible with off-grid systems and micro-grids.
  • Reduced environmental footprint (compared to batteries, pumped hydro, etc.)
  •  Mobilization, installation, and commissioning of CWCAS facility is relatively short and cost-effective

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